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src/e/m/emesene-HEAD/mesinyer/e3/cache/EmoticonCache.py   emesene(Download)
'''a module to define a cache class for emoticons
import Cache
import os

src/e/m/emesene-HEAD/mesinyer/e3/cache/AvatarCache.py   emesene(Download)
import shutil
import Cache
class AvatarCache(Cache.Cache):

src/s/h/shelf-python-HEAD/providers/SpotlightProvider.py   shelf-python(Download)
import time
import Cache
class SpotlightAtom( ProviderAtom ):

src/s/h/shelf-python-HEAD/providers/Provider.py   shelf-python(Download)
from Utilities import *
import Cache
MAX_SORT_ORDER = 999999999999

src/s/h/shelf-python-HEAD/providers/FeedProvider.py   shelf-python(Download)
from Utilities import *
import Cache
class FeedAtom(ProviderAtom):

src/s/h/shelf-python-HEAD/providers/DopplrProvider.py   shelf-python(Download)
from Utilities import *
import Cache
class DopplrAtom( ProviderAtom ):

src/s/h/shelf-python-HEAD/extractors/Extractor.py   shelf-python(Download)
import json
import Cache
from Utilities import *
from Clue import *

src/p/y/pysynphot-0.9.5/pysynphot/__init__.py   pysynphot(Download)
from spectrum import Vega
#Get cache
import Cache
#Permit resetting refdata
from refs import setref, showref

src/p/y/pysynphot-0.9.5/pysynphot/reddening.py   pysynphot(Download)
import pyfits
from spectrum import ArraySpectralElement
import Cache
import extinction #temporary(?) backwards compatibility

src/t/i/tilecache-2.11/TileCache/Service.py   TileCache(Download)
import sys, cgi, time, os, traceback, email, ConfigParser
import Cache, Caches
import Layer, Layers

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