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The Picalo date type to represent dates.

src/p/i/picalo-4.94/picalo/__init__.py   picalo(Download)
  if typ == Date:
    if format != None:
      return Date(value, format)
    return Date(value)
  elif typ == DateTime:
###  Imports must come after the above because the above are needed
###  in some of these imports    
from Calendar import RE_DATE_FORMATS, RE_DATETIME_FORMATS, DateTime, Date
from Number import number
from Currency import currency

src/p/i/picalo-4.94/picalo/Grouping.py   picalo(Download)
from picalo import run_tablearray, ensure_valid_variables, make_unique_colnames, ensure_unique_colname
from Expression import PicaloExpression
from Calendar import DateDelta, Date, DateTime

src/p/i/picalo-4.94/picalo/Column.py   picalo(Download)
from Expression import PicaloExpression
import types
from Calendar import Date, DateTime
from Error import error
from Number import number