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src/w/a/Warlocks-HEAD/game.py   Warlocks(Download)
from world							import World
from warlock						import Warlock
from spell							import Spell
from spellmanager					import SpellManager
from CameraHandler					import CameraHandler
		self.skybox = Skybox(showbase)
		self.ch = CameraHandler()
		# this is unnecessary lol but meh ill comment it anyway

src/t/e/tethical-HEAD/client/test_effects.py   tethical(Download)
import Effect
import Sprite
from CameraHandler import CameraHandler
camhandler = CameraHandler()

src/t/e/tethical-HEAD/client/Tests.py   tethical(Download)
			# Bind camera controls to keys.
			camhandler = CameraHandler.CameraHandler()
			camhandler.accept('escape', lambda: sys.exit());
			# Play the background music