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Generic document element

The DocElement is a generic part of a document, and is not really
intended to be used directly but instead should be subclassed
to create more elements (for example Sections).

Note: subclasses of DocElement should provide a 'renderContent'
method to generate their specific HTML code by the DocElement
'render' method, and should avoid overriding the 'render'

src/e/d/edna-HEAD/libraries/EDNA2html-0.0.10a/Jackdaw.py   edna(Download)
class ToggleFolder(Canary.DocElement):
    """Create a toggle-able document element
    ToggleFolder creates a document element that can be expanded
    (opened) or collapsed (closed) to show or hide the content.
class TabbedFolder(Canary.DocElement):
    """Create a tabbed document element
    TabbedFolder creates a document element that consists of
    multiple 'panes' of content and a set of tabs. Only one pane