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Add a paragraph to the section

Create a new Para(graph) object populated with 'text',
and add this to the Section. Optionally also associate a
CSS class string with the Para(graph) - see the Para
class for more information.

Note that this method returns a reference to the parent
Section and *not* to the Para object (which is different
from other methods e.g. addList). This is to allow the(more...)

src/e/d/edna-HEAD/libraries/EDNA2html-0.0.10a/EDNA2html.py   edna(Download)
        self.__doc.addStyle(os.path.join(edna2htmldir, "EDNA2html.css"),
                                                       "warning.png")) + \
                           " EDNA2html failed to complete successfully",
        if len(edna_runs) == 0:
            # Failure mode: No runs supplied
            self.__doc.addPara("No runs were supplied")
            # Failure mode: No runs could be processed
            self.__doc.addPara(str(len(edna_runs)) + 
                               " run(s) were supplied but none " + \
                               "could be processed:")