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Section object

A Section is part of a Document, and can contain other
Sections, Lists, Tables and paragraphs. These are added to
the Section using the appropriate methods (addList, addTable,
addSubsection, addPara). Arbitrary content can also be added
via the addContent method.

Sections may be created with or without a title string. Sections
created with an empty title are referred to as 'anonymous'(more...)

src/e/d/edna-HEAD/libraries/EDNA2html-0.0.10a/EDNA2html.py   edna(Download)
            tab.addHelp("Strategy from run " + str(i))
        strategy = tab.addContent(Canary.Section(None, 1, doc))
            addStrategySummary(strategy, edna_run, ranking_mode, edna_html_dir,