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Table object

A Table consists of one or more rows with columns of items.
Items can be text, or any object that has a render method that
can be used to generate a string representation when the
table as a whole is rendered.

Data can be added to a Table row-wise, column-wise, or via
a combination of the two - though this last method needs some
care in order to manage correctly.(more...)

src/e/d/edna-HEAD/libraries/EDNA2html-0.0.10a/EDNA2html.py   edna(Download)
        folder = section.addContent(Jackdaw.ToggleFolder(doc))
        strategy_stats = folder.addContent(Canary.Table())
        # Build table header
        # Construct two rows to act as header rows
    indexing_tbl = folder.addContent(Canary.Table())
        # Table of integration statistics
        integration_tbl = folder.addContent(Canary.Table())
        integration_tbl.addColumn(["RMS spot deviation",
                                   "Average I/σ",
        # Table of reflection statistics
        reflections_tbl = folder.addContent(Canary.Table())
        reflections_tbl.addColumn(["Fully recorded",

src/e/d/edna-HEAD/libraries/EDNA2html-0.0.10a/Jackdaw.py   edna(Download)
class ToggleTable(Canary.Table):
    """Create a table with toggle-able rows
    ToggleTable creates a Table element with rows that can be visible
    (opened) or hidden (collapsed) to show or hide the content.