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Return the id for this table

Overrides the base class 'id' method and returns the
unique id that will be written to the id attribute of
the section container.

This id can be used to make HTML links to the table
from elsewhere, and as a CSS selector.

src/e/d/edna-HEAD/libraries/EDNA2html-0.0.10a/Jackdaw.py   edna(Download)
        # Add the controls
        content += "<span class='control open_control'>"
        content += "<a href=\"javascript://\" onclick=\"toggleTableShowRows('"+str(self.id())+"');\""
        if self.__open_link_help_text:
            content += " title='"+str(self.__open_link_help_text)+"'"
        content += ">"+str(self.__open_link_text)+"</a></span>\n"
        content += "<span class='control close_control' style='display: none;'><a href=\"javascript://\" onclick=\"toggleTableHideRows('"+str(self.id())+"');\""