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This class implements a trigger that cancels another task (branch).
If more than one input is connected, the task performs an implicit
multi merge.
If more than one output is connected, the task performs an implicit
parallel split.

src/s/p/SpiffWorkflow-0.3.0/src/SpiffWorkflow/Tasks/__init__.py   SpiffWorkflow(Download)
from AcquireMutex    import AcquireMutex
from CancelJob       import CancelJob
from CancelTask      import CancelTask
from Choose          import Choose
from ExclusiveChoice import ExclusiveChoice

src/s/p/SpiffWorkflow-HEAD/SpiffWorkflow/specs/__init__.py   SpiffWorkflow(Download)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import division
from .AcquireMutex import AcquireMutex
from .Cancel import Cancel
from .CancelTask import CancelTask