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This is the PyCAPTCHA package, a collection of Python modules
implementing CAPTCHAs: automated tests that humans should pass,
but current computer programs can't. These tests are often
used for security.

See  http://www.captcha.net for more information and examples.

This project was started because the CIA project, written in(more...)

src/p/y/PyCAPTCHA-HEAD/modpython_example.py   PyCAPTCHA(Download)
from Captcha.Visual import Tests
import Captcha
from mod_python import apache

src/p/y/PyCAPTCHA-HEAD/Captcha/Visual/Base.py   PyCAPTCHA(Download)
import Captcha
import Image

src/l/e/lesswrong-HEAD/r2/setup.py   lesswrong(Download)
# same with the captcha library
    import Captcha
except ImportError:
    print "Installing the PyCaptcha Module"