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src/p/r/Products.Bitakora-1.1/Products/Bitakora/utils.py   Products.Bitakora(Download)
    captcha = CaptchasDotNet(client=CAPTCHAS_NET_USER,
    return captcha.verify(input, random)

src/o/r/orc-HEAD/src/pm/verify_captcha.py   orc(Download)
    # Check, that the right CAPTCHA password has been entered and
    # return an error message otherwise.
    if not captchas.verify (password):
        return ('You entered the wrong password. '
                + 'Please use back button and try again.')
    # If the right CAPTCHA has been entered, run gpgsign.py to generate
    # a random string and sign it with GPG.
    if captchas.verify(password):