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D.get(k[,d]) -> D[k] if k in D, else d.  d defaults to None.

src/f/p/fpdb-chaz-HEAD/pyfpdb/DerivedStats.py   fpdb-chaz(Download)
                            if base!='hold':
                                hole = hcs[hrange[streetId][0]:hrange[streetId][1]]  
                            cards = [str(c) for c in hole if Card.encodeCardList.get(c)!=None or c=='0x']
                            if board['board'][n]: bcards = [str(b) for b in board['board'][n]]
                            else                : bcards = []
                    for p in players:
                        hcs = hand.join_holecards(p, asList=True)
                        holes = [str(c) for c in hcs[hrange[-1][0]:hrange[-1][1]] if Card.encodeCardList.get(c)!=None or c=='0x']
                        board = [str(c) for c in b if 'omaha' in evalgame]
                        if 'omaha' not in evalgame: