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src/p/r/Products.QueueCatalog-1.6.0/Products/QueueCatalog/QueueCatalog.py   Products.QueueCatalog(Download)
# Local
from CatalogEventQueue import CatalogEventQueue, EVENT_TYPES, ADDED_EVENTS
from CatalogEventQueue import ADDED, CHANGED, CHANGED_ADDED, REMOVED
from CatalogEventQueue import SAFE_POLICY, ALTERNATIVE_POLICY
        immediate_metadata = self.getImmediateMetadataUpdate()
        if cat_indexes or update_metadata and not immediate_metadata:
            self._update(uid, already_cataloged and CHANGED or ADDED)
        if immediate_indexes:
                # add or change
                if event is CHANGED and not cataloged(catalog, uid):
                # Note that the uid may be relative to the catalog.