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src/p/r/Products.QueueCatalog-1.6.0/Products/QueueCatalog/QueueCatalog.py   Products.QueueCatalog(Download)
from CatalogEventQueue import CatalogEventQueue, EVENT_TYPES, ADDED_EVENTS
from CatalogEventQueue import ADDED, CHANGED, CHANGED_ADDED, REMOVED
from CatalogEventQueue import SAFE_POLICY, ALTERNATIVE_POLICY
logger = logging.getLogger('event.QueueCatalog')
    # a policy which will reduce conflicts, but at the cost of possibly having
    # situations where items get cataloged unnecessarily. YMMV.
    _conflict_policy = SAFE_POLICY
    def __init__(self, buckets=1009, conflict_policy=SAFE_POLICY):
        if ( policy in (SAFE_POLICY, ALTERNATIVE_POLICY) and
             policy != self.getConflictPolicy() ):
            self._conflict_policy = policy