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1.This Software copyright \u00A9 Australian Synchrotron Research Program Inc, ("ASRP").

2.Subject to ensuring that this copyright notice and licence terms
appear on all copies and all modified versions, of PyCIFRW computer
code ("this Software"), a royalty-free non-exclusive licence is hereby
given (i) to use, copy and modify this Software including the use of
reasonable portions of it in other software and (ii) to publish,
bundle and otherwise re-distribute this Software or modified versions
of this Software to third parties, provided that this copyright notice
and terms are clearly shown as applying to all parts of software(more...)

src/d/i/diffpy.Structure-1.2/diffpy/Structure/Parsers/P_cif.py   diffpy.Structure(Download)
        Raise StructureFormatError or IOError.
        import CifFile
        from StarFile import StarError
        # CifFile fails when filename is a unicode string

src/p/y/PyCifRW-3.6.2/Programs/validate_cif.py   PyCifRW(Download)
from optparse import OptionParser
# We need our cif library:
import CifFile
import os
import urllib

src/p/y/PyCifRW-3.6.2/Programs/process-validate.py   PyCifRW(Download)
#!/usr/bin/env python
# This script processes the input from the web form requesting validation
# against one or more CIF dictionaries
import CifFile
import validate_cif

src/p/y/pymatgen-2.9.6/pymatgen/io/cifio.py   pymatgen(Download)
from collections import OrderedDict
import CifFile
import numpy as np

src/m/a/matter-0.8-r960-20110308/matter/Parsers/P_cif.py   matter(Download)
        Raise StructureFormatError or IOError.
        import CifFile
        from StarFile import StarError
        self.filename = filename

src/t/d/tdl-HEAD/modules/xtal/structure.py   tdl(Download)
# for reading/writing structures as cif files
    import CifFile
    import StarFile

src/p/y/PyCifRW-3.6.2/TestPyCifRW.py   PyCifRW(Download)
sys.path[0] = '.'
import unittest, CifFile
import StarFile
import re