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src/s/h/shedskin-HEAD/examples/pylot/SimpleGeometry.py   shedskin(Download)
from Vector4 import Vector4, Point, Offset
import Material
import Color
import math
from World import World

src/s/h/shedskin-HEAD/examples/pylot/Material.py   shedskin(Download)
# along with Foobar.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.import math
import Color
#TODO: If a material's highly specular, it probably shouldn't be as

src/s/h/shedskin-HEAD/examples/pylot/Camera.py   shedskin(Download)
from Utils import add_debug_ray
import Color
from Ray import Ray
from Vector4 import Vector4, fresnel_reflectance_at_angle

src/e/u/EuclideanGeometryViewer-HEAD/Euv/Frame.py   EuclideanGeometryViewer(Download)
import Color
class DrawingCommandCircle:
  def __repr__(self):
    return "DrawingCommandCircle"