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ConnectionQueue, (c) 2003-2006 Alen Peacock.  This program is distributed under
the terms of the GNU General Public License (the GPL), version 3.

This module manages the connection queue.  In order to reduce the 
probability of the reactor getting tied up servicing requests/responses
during periods of extreme busy-ness (and thus 'starving' some ops, 
causing TimeoutErrors), we throttle the number of outstanding requests
that we send to MAXOPS.  The rest, we put in the 'waiting' queue, and
these are popped off when a spot becomes available.  

src/f/l/flud-HEAD/flud/protocol/ClientPrimitives.py   flud(Download)
from flud.fencode import fencode, fdecode
import ConnectionQueue
from FludCommUtil import *

src/f/l/flud-HEAD/flud/protocol/ClientDHTPrimitives.py   flud(Download)
import flud.FludDefer as FludDefer
import ConnectionQueue
from ClientPrimitives import REQUEST
from FludCommUtil import *