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A Scanner is used to read tokens from a stream of characters
using the token set specified by a Plex.Lexicon.


  Scanner(lexicon, stream, name = '')

    See the docstring of the __init__ method for details.


src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/python/Cython/Compiler/Scanning.py   plexnet(Download)
from Cython import Plex, Utils
from Cython.Plex import Scanner
from Cython.Plex.Errors import UnrecognizedInput
from Errors import CompileError, error
class PyrexScanner(Scanner):
    #  context            Context  Compilation context
    #  included_files     [string] Files included with 'include' statement
    #  compile_time_env   dict     Environment for conditional compilation
    #  compile_time_eval  boolean  In a true conditional compilation context