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Allows for arbirary 2D data handling.  Replace the __init__ function and create two 
functions in order to handle any set of arbirary data that you can address with two points

These are the functions you need to re-write:  (currently created for handling lists)
def list__get_point_(row, col):
      return self.data[row][col]
def list__set_point_(row, col, value):
   self.data[row][col] = value

src/p/y/PyWorkbooks-0.0.9/PyWorkbooks/PyWorkbook.py   PyWorkbooks(Download)
from DataHandler import DataHandler, DataHandlerUser
class PyWorkbook(DataHandler):
   This is a base class for spreadsheet classes to overload.  All you need to sucessfully use this
   to interface with your own spreadsheet (or any data-base with three dimensional addressing) is:

src/u/b/uberserver-HEAD/server.py   uberserver(Download)
from urllib import urlopen
from DataHandler import DataHandler
from Client import Client
from NATServer import NATServer
import ChanServ
_root = DataHandler()