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Create a TimeSeq repreenting simulated data.


-- preTxList=None:    Optional list of Transforms.SeqXform
                      instances to add when doing simulation.
                      These will be added BEFORE the computations
                      are done for the simulation on a given day
                      to ensure that things in preTxList never look
                      at the "future" data.


RETURNS:        A TimeSeq instance with simulated data.


PURPOSE:        Create simulation based on parameters given in

src/p/y/pyvol-1.0/pyvol/sims/Evaluator.py   pyvol(Download)
    estimatorTx = CovEst.EstimateVols(estimator, 'estimatedVol')
    query = simulator.MakeSimulatedData([estimatorTx])
    stats = SimAPI.MakeStats(query, simulator.levelParams)