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src/c/v/CVSAnalY-HEAD/pycvsanaly2/DBContentHandler.py   CVSAnalY(Download)

src/m/i/MininGit-HEAD/pycvsanaly2/DBContentHandler.py   MininGit(Download)
from ContentHandler import ContentHandler
from Database import (DBRepository, DBLog, DBFile, DBFileLink,
                      DBAction, DBFileCopy, DBBranch, DBPerson, DBTag,
                      DBTagRev, statement, MysqlDatabase)
        dblink = DBFileLink(None, parent_id, dbfile.id)
        dblink.commit_id = commit_id
            # we have to write down the new link
            parent_id = new_parent_id
            dblink = DBFileLink(None, parent_id, file_id)
            dblink.commit_id = log.id