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Base class for all EUtils-specific errors

Contains a single error string -- use str(err) to get it.

src/e/u/eutils-HEAD/EUtils/parse.py   eutils(Download)
                s = re.findall(r"Error occurred:([^<]+)", lines[2])[0]
                s = urllib.unquote(s)
                raise Datatypes.EUtilsError(s)
            raise Datatypes.EUtilsError("Unknown error:\n" +
            if len(lines) > 4:
                s = re.findall(r"<ERROR>([^>]+)</ERROR>", lines[3])[0]
            raise Datatypes.EUtilsError(s)
        # This happens when you choose a database which doesn't exist
        # Are there other reasons?  Probably yes, if you choose
        # other illegal parameters.
        if lines[0].startswith("<!doctype"):
            raise Datatypes.EUtilsError("Parameter not allowed")
    errmsg, errors, warnings = _check_for_errors(pom)
    if errmsg is not None:
        raise Datatypes.EUtilsError(errmsg)
    # Get any invalid identifies

src/e/u/eutils-HEAD/EUtils/HistoryClient.py   eutils(Download)
        if self.query_key is None:
            raise Datatypes.EUtilsError(
                "query history no longer available on server")
    def esummary(self, retmode = 'xml', rettype = None):

src/e/u/eutils-HEAD/EUtils/__init__.py   eutils(Download)
import Datatypes
from Datatypes import DateRange, WithinNDays, EUtilsError, \