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Used in eLink with cmd == neighbor

Attributes are:
  dbto -- the links are TO this database name
  linkname -- the name for this set (eg, "pubmed_protein")
  links -- list of Links, one per matching record (includes score)
     List order is the sames as the XML, which is ordered from
     most likely to least.  The identifer is from 'dbto'
  info -- ignored; this is only used as a warning when there is
     an empty list(more...)

src/e/u/eutils-HEAD/EUtils/parse.py   eutils(Download)
                score = int(score.tostring())
            links.append(Datatypes.Link(pom_link["Id"].tostring(), score))
        linksetdbs[linkname] = Datatypes.LinkSetDb(dbto, linkname, links)
    return Datatypes.NeighborLinkSet(Datatypes.DBIds(dbfrom.lower(), idlist),