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The core date handling class for GRAMPs. 

Supports partial dates, compound dates and alternate calendars.

src/t/i/timestring-1.6.0/timestring/Range.py   timestring(Download)
from .timestring_re import TIMESTRING_RE
from .Date import Date
        if type(start) in (str, unicode):
            if start == 'infinity':
                self._dates = [Date('infinity'),
                               Date('infinity') if end is None or end == 'infinity' else Date(end, offset=offset, tz=tz)]
                    delta = (group.get('delta') or group.get('delta_2')).lower()
                    if delta.startswith('y'):
                        start = Date(datetime(now.year, 1, 1), offset=offset, tz=tz)
                    # month
                    elif delta.startswith('month'):

src/t/i/timestring-HEAD/timestring/__init__.py   timestring(Download)
from .Date import Date
from .Range import Range
from .timestring_re import TIMESTRING_RE
            dates.append((date[0].strip(), Range(date[0])))
            dates.append((date[0].strip(), Date(date[0])))
    return dates
        args = parser.parse_args()
        if args.date:
            print(Date(" ".join(args.args), verbose=args.verbose))
            print(Range(" ".join(args.args), verbose=args.verbose))

src/g/r/gramps-3.4.2/src/Utils.py   Gramps(Download)
import Errors
from GrampsLocale import codeset
from Date import Date
import DateHandler
    t = time.localtime(secs)
    d = Date(t.tm_year, t.tm_mon, t.tm_mday)
    return DateHandler.displayer.display(d) + time.strftime(' %X', t)

src/t/i/timestring-1.6.0/timestring/__init__.py   timestring(Download)
__version__ = VERSION = version = '1.6.0'
from .Date import Date
from .Range import Range
from .timestring_re import TIMESTRING_RE
            dates.append((date[0], Range(date[0])))
            dates.append((date[0], Date(date[0])))
    return dates

src/p/y/pythia-   pythia(Download)
def date(**kwds):
    from Date import Date
    return Date(**kwds)