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Returns the time zone on the given date.  The time zone
can change according to daylight savings.

src/s/i/silva.app.news-3.0.4/src/silva/app/news/codesources/api.py   silva.app.news(Download)
        # string
        dt = DateTime(dt)
        return dt.toZone(dt.localZone())
    elif type(dt) == tuple:
        # tuple

src/d/a/DateTime-4.0.1/src/DateTime/tests/test_datetime.py   DateTime(Download)
        # DST changes!
        dt1 = DateTime(2000, 5.500000578705)
        dt = DateTime('2000/1/5 12:00:00.050 pm %s' % dt1.localZone())
        self._compare(dt, dt1)