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src/h/t/HTPC-Manager-HEAD/libs/sqlobject/col.py   HTPC-Manager(Download)
                raise validators.Invalid("expected a date/time string of the '%s' format in the DateTimeCol '%s', got %s %r instead" % \
                    (self.format, self.name, type(value), value), value, state)
            return DateTime.mktime(stime)
        def from_python(self, value, state):

src/s/q/SQLObject-1.6.0b1dev-r4713/sqlobject/col.py   SQLObject(Download)
                if sys.version_info[:3] < (2, 6, 0): # datetime.strptime in python2.5 doesn't support '%f' format
                    stime = time.strptime(value, self.format)
                    return DateTime.mktime(stime)
                    value = datetime.datetime.strptime(value, self.format)