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src/g/r/gramps-3.4.2/src/ExportOptions.py   Gramps(Download)
    def show_preview_data(self, widget):
        from DbState import DbState
        from QuickReports import run_quick_report_by_name
        if widget.proxy_name == "unfiltered":
            dbstate = self.dbstate
            dbstate = DbState()

src/g/r/gramps-3.4.2/src/cli/plug/__init__.py   Gramps(Download)
       filename in clr.option_class.get_output()
    dbstate = DbState.DbState()
    climanager = CLIManager(dbstate, False) # don't load db
    climanager.do_reg_plugins(dbstate, None)

src/g/r/gramps-3.4.2/src/gui/grampsgui.py   Gramps(Download)
        dbstate = DbState.DbState()
        self.vm = ViewManager(dbstate, config.get("interface.view-categories"))

src/g/r/gramps-3.4.2/src/cli/grampscli.py   Gramps(Download)
    #we need to keep track of the db state
    dbstate = DbState.DbState()
    #we need a manager for the CLI session
    climanager = CLIManager(dbstate, True)