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src/u/l/ulipad-HEAD/modules/Mixin.py   ulipad(Download)
    def initmixin(self):
        debug.info('[Mixin] Dealing class [%s]' % self.__class__.__name__)
        if self.__class__.__name__ == 'Mixin':  #don't dealing Mixin class itself
        if hasattr(self.__class__, '__mixinflag__'):
        if __mixinset__.has_key(self.__mixinname__):
            debug.info('[Mixin] Mixinning class [%s]' % self.__class__.__name__)
            mixins, plugins = __mixinset__[self.__mixinname__]
            items = {}
def printMixin():
    debug.info("[Mixin] Printing mixin set...")
    for name, value in __mixinset__.items():
        mixins, plugins = value
        debug.info("\tname=%s" % name)
        debug.info("\t   |----mixin")

src/u/l/ulipad-HEAD/modules/makemenu.py   ulipad(Download)
def makepopmenu(win, popmenu, imagelist=None):
    win.menuitems = {}
    mlist = mergemenu(popmenu)
    debug.info('[makemenu] Popmenu Menu listing...')
    mlist = mergemenu(menulist)
    debug.info('[makemenu] Main Menu listing...')
    printmenu(mlist, imagelist)
    makeaccelerator(mlist, accel, editoraccel)
def printmenu(m, imagelist=None):
    if not DEBUG: return
    debug.info('[makemenu] Menu listing...')
    if m.has_key(None):
        for order, idname, caption, kind, func, message in m[None]:
            debug.info('\t%s  %s\t"%s"' % (order, idname, caption))
    if imagelist and (disableimage == False):
        debug.info('[makemenu] Image list...')
        for idname, filename in imagelist.items():
            debug.info('\t%s\t%s' % (idname, filename))

src/u/l/ulipad-HEAD/modules/maketoolbar.py   ulipad(Download)
    debug.info('[addtools] toolbar list...')
    for order, name in toollist:
        if name == '|':
            debug.info('\t%d -' % order)
                func = toolbaritems[name][1]
                obj = func(win, toolbar)
                debug.info('\t%d %s' % (order, 'call func...' + repr(func)))
                style, idname, imagefile, shorttext, longtext, func = toolbaritems[name]
                debug.info('\t%d %s' % (order, idname))
    debug.info('[insert tools] toolbar list...')
    for v in newtl:
        i = tl.index(v)

src/u/l/ulipad-HEAD/modules/Resource.py   ulipad(Download)
    def CanHandle(self, node):
        id = node.GetPropVal('name', '')
        if id:
            debug.info("\t%s\t%s" % (node.GetPropVal('class', ''), id))
        return self.IsOfClass(node, self.classname)
    def DoCreateResource(self):
        debug.info("[Resource] class %s 's object..." % self.GetName())

src/u/l/ulipad-HEAD/modules/Accelerator.py   ulipad(Download)
def initaccelerator(win, acceleratorlist):
    ikey = 0
    accelist = []
    debug.info('[accelerator] listing ...')
    for idname, value in acceleratorlist.items():
        keys, func = value
        if not keys:
        debug.info('%s\t%s' % (keys, idname))