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src/d/e/Deezer-XBMC-HEAD/plugin.audio.deezer/deezer.py   Deezer-XBMC(Download)
# Step 1 - load in xbmc core support and setup the environment
import sys, os, shutil, re, pickle, time, tempfile, xbmcaddon, xbmcplugin, xbmcgui, xbmc
from DeezerAPI import DeezerAPI
__addon__     = xbmcaddon.Addon('plugin.audio.deezer')
resDir = xbmc.translatePath(os.path.join(baseDir, 'resources'))
imgDir = xbmc.translatePath(os.path.join(resDir,  'img'))
deezerApi = DeezerAPI()
#Image resources