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Context-independent xHTML pair matcher
Use method <code>match(html, start_ix)</code> to find matching pair.
If pair was found, this function returns a list of indexes where tag pair
starts and ends. If pair wasn't found, <code>None</code> will be returned.

The last matched (or unmatched) result is saved in <code>last_match</code>
dictionary for later use.

@author: Sergey Chikuyonok (serge.che@gmail.com)

src/p/y/Python-Guitar-Transcription-Aid-HEAD/Equalizer.py   Python-Guitar-Transcription-Aid(Download)
import gst
import Elements # we do not refer to classes contained in Elements directly, but we need to import this for gst.parse_launch to recognise the elements
class EqualizerWindow(gtk.Window):