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Got a 404 when trying to load a URL 

src/p/y/python-4chapy-0.4/src/Fourchapy/Fetcher.py   python-4chapy(Download)
import time
from Errors import NoDataReturnedError, RequestRateTooHigh, InvalidDataReturnedError, Fetch404Error
# Keep track of last request
                if re.match(self.RE_404_MATCH, text, re.MULTILINE | re.DOTALL):
                    log(30, 'Got a 404 error from %r', self.URL)
                    raise Fetch404Error('Got a 404 error from %r' % self.URL)
                    log(40, "Didn't get valid JSON but isn't a 404 - Something's amiss with %r", self.URL)