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src/m/t/mt-midi-sequencer-HEAD/src/core/audio/EventManager.py   mt-midi-sequencer(Download)
import EventWorker
#import OutputAdapter
import core.audio.Sequence as Sequence
import core.audio.Output as Output

import time
import threading
import Queue
import core.Constants as Constants
import sys

import pygame
import pygame.midi
from pygame.locals import *

Singleton Implementation

Meta-Info: If ever someone creates a module named EventManagerInstance, there will be problems!
def getInstance():
	if ('EventManagerInstance' not in sys.modules):
		raise Exception('You must start EventManager first in order to get a running instance.')
	return sys.modules['EventManagerInstance']

- Class: EventManager
- Description:
This class is the worker's manager. Here we can register new objects
with callback functions while the worker is busy working
class EventManager(threading.Thread):

	def __init__(self, **kwargs):
		kwargs.setdefault('logging', True)
		self.__logging = kwargs.get('logging')
		self.__log('initializing EventManager')

		# thread safe queue for music data

		# mandatory for threading

		# setup worker
		self.worker=EventWorker.EventWorker(manager=self, logging=self.__logging)
		# pygame midi output
		self.midi_out = kwargs.get('midi_out')
		if self.midi_out==None:
			raise Exception('EventManager must be instantiated with an associated pygame midi Output!')		
		# setup output
		self.output=Output.Output(manager=self, midi_out=self.midi_out)

		self.__callbacks={} # dictionary for callback methods <obj>:<callback>

		self.__sequenceCounter = -1

	''' register an object '''
	def register(self, object, method):
		self.__log('registering callback method for ' + str(object.id))

		# tell worker to get new registered method:

	''' unregister an object '''
	def unregister(self, object):
		self.__log('unregistering callback method for ' + str(object.id))
		del self.__callbacks[object]

		# tell worker to get new registered method:
	''' for EventWorker to fetch it '''
	def getCallbacks(self):
		return self.__callbacks

	''' set speed in bpm = beats per minute '''
	def setBPM(self,bpm):
	def getBPM(self):
		return self.output.getBPM()
	def setVolume(self, volume):
	def getVolume(self):
		return self.output.getVolume()

	''' tunnel for log messages '''
	def __log(self, msg):
			print 'EventManager:\t' + msg

	''' get next Sequence ID from internal counter 
		this method should be used each time a sequence
		is instantiated so there are no duplicates
	def getNextSequenceID(self):
		self.__sequenceCounter = self.__sequenceCounter + 1
		print self.__sequenceCounter
		return self.__sequenceCounter
	''' make new sequence '''
	def createSequence(self):
		seq = Sequence.Sequence(id=self.getNextSequenceID(),logging=Constants.LOGGING_sequences, manager=self)
		self.register(seq, seq.getMidiData)
		return seq

	''' mainloop '''
	def run(self):
		# start EventWorker-Thread
		self.__log('starting EventWorker-Thread')

		# start Output-Thread
		self.__log('starting Output-Thread')