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src/p/r/Products.ParsedXML-1.5.1/Products/ParsedXML/DOM/Exceptions.py   Products.ParsedXML(Download)
        del new
        sys.modules["xml"] = mod
    import Exceptions
    mod.dom = Exceptions
    sys.modules["xml.dom"] = Exceptions
    # The exception classes may not have been defined, so add any
    # that are needed.
    import Exceptions
        if not hasattr(xml.dom, s):

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATSA/WebApp/WebScript.py   PEATDB(Download)
import getopt, sys, os, traceback, math
import Data
import UtilityFunctions, Exceptions
import PEATSA.Core as Core

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATSA/WebApp/JobSubmission.py   PEATDB(Download)
import subprocess, os, urlparse, urllib2, string, time, StringIO, sys
import PEATSA.Core as Core
import UtilityFunctions, Exceptions, Data
def GetPDB(pdbCode, dict={}):

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATSA/WebApp/Data.py   PEATDB(Download)
import MySQLdb, os.path, StringIO, pickle, threading
import UtilityFunctions, Exceptions
import PEATSA.Core as Core

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATSA/Core/__init__.py   PEATDB(Download)
'''Contains the Core classes of the PEATSA command line tool'''
import ProteinDesignTool, Data, Exceptions, PEATSAParallel

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATSA/Core/Utilities.py   PEATDB(Download)
import os.path, getopt, sys, traceback, subprocess
import Exceptions, Environment, Data
allResidues = ['ALA', 'ARG', 'ASP', 'ASN', 'CYS', 'GLY', 'GLU', 'GLN', 'HIS', 'ILE', 'LEU', 'LYS', 'MET', 'PRO', 'PHE', 'SER', 'THR', 'TYR', 'TRP', 'VAL']

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATSA/Core/ProteinDesignTool.py   PEATDB(Download)
import sys, os.path, datetime
import Environment, Exceptions, Programs, Utilities, Data
class ProteinDesignTool:

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATSA/Core/Programs.py   PEATDB(Download)
'''Contains classes representing the programs used by PEAT-SA to perform various calculations'''
import os, sys, shutil, subprocess, copy, datetime, operator
import Environment, Exceptions, Matrix, Utilities
stabilityCommentStrings = ["",	"Values are in KJ/mol",

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATSA/Core/Matrix.py   PEATDB(Download)
These allow Matrix instances to be created from csv and archived AdMatrix instances for example'''
import pickle, csv, StringIO, operator, Utilities, Exceptions
charged = ['ARG', 'LYS', 'HIS', 'ASP', 'GLU']

src/p/e/PEATDB-2.3/PEATSA/Core/Environment.py   PEATDB(Download)
'''Contains functions and classes related to handling PEAT-SA's environment'''
import Exceptions, ConfigParser, os, sys, shutil, math, time, tempfile, datetime, operator
#Assign the location of the module to a variable

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