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src/b/u/burp_extended-HEAD/Lib/lib/GUI.py   burp_extended(Download)
import java.awt
import BurpExtender
import Extension
#Hi, my names droogie. feel free to ask my questions about this or make additions 

src/b/u/burp_extended-HEAD/Lib/lib/FindExtensions.py   burp_extended(Download)
import imp
import inspect
import Extension
def getExtensionClassList():

src/b/u/burp_extended-HEAD/Lib/BurpExtender.py   burp_extended(Download)
sys.path.append('Lib/extensions') #Extension Imports
import BurpCommonClasses
import Extension
import FindExtensions
import GUI

src/b/u/burp_extended-HEAD/Lib/extensions/AddAParameterTest.py   burp_extended(Download)
import Extension
from StringIO import StringIO
from burp import IBurpExtenderCallbacks
from java.net import URL
import HttpRequestResponse