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@param proxies: A dict of protocol:url strings that indicate what proxy to use
when accessing a given protocol. Ex: 
@param url: The URL to fetch when requesting data. Must return JSON data. If
this is a value other than None, it overrides the per-class default URL. 
Example: url='https://api.4chan.org/board/res/123456.json'         
@param sleep: Sleep if needed to keep above MinRequestTime. If non-True
and we are requesting to frequently, raise Fourchapy.errors.RequestRateTooHigh.
If None, then use the per-method and/or per-class shouldSleep value. 
@param ignoreRateLimit: If None, use the per-method and/or per-class (more...)

src/p/y/python-4chapy-0.4/src/Fourchapy/ThreadPage.py   python-4chapy(Download)
        self.URL = '%s://api.4chan.org/%s/%d.json' % (self.Proto, self.Board, self.Page)
        Fetch4chan.__init__(self, **kw)
    @Fetch4chan.addLazyDataObjDec(attrName = 'Threads')

src/p/y/python-4chapy-0.4/src/Fourchapy/Thread.py   python-4chapy(Download)
        self.URL = '%s://api.4chan.org/%s/res/%d.json' % (self.Proto, self.Board, self.Thread)
        Fetch4chan.__init__(self, **kw)
    @Fetch4chan.addLazyDataObjDec(attrName = 'Posts')

src/p/y/python-4chapy-0.4/src/Fourchapy/BoardIndex.py   python-4chapy(Download)
        self.URL = '%s://api.4chan.org/boards.json' % self.Proto
        Fetch4chan.__init__(self, **kw)      
    @Fetch4chan.addLazyDataObjDec(attrName = 'Boards')