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The component that detect changes on the user files.

A "filesystem watcher" continuously monitors the data that the user wants
to be synchronized, so to detect changes as soon as they happen.
The current version of our filesystem watcher applies a simple scan-based
policy, that is, it periodically does a full scan of the user directory.
This is very inefficient but was the easiest solution that could
correctly work on every platform. The next step will be to make use of
the notification systems implemented by most OS, e.g. "inotify" on
Linux and "ReadDirectoryChanges" on Windows. This will bring us from(more...)

src/f/i/FileRock-Client-HEAD/filerockclient/filesystemwatcher/__init__.py   FileRock-Client(Download)
    #    raise Exception(u"Platform not supported")
    import FileSystemWatcherCrossPlatform
    watcher_module = FileSystemWatcherCrossPlatform
    watcher_class = FileSystemWatcherCrossPlatform.FileSystemWatcherCrossPlatform