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Definition of a function

src/a/e/Aesthete-0.4.2/aesthete/glypher/Parser.py   Aesthete(Download)
import Mirror
import Dynamic
import Function
import Word
import Symbol

src/a/e/Aesthete-0.4.2/aesthete/glypher/InterpretBackend.py   Aesthete(Download)
import Parser
from Interpret import *
import Function
from sympy.series.order import Order

src/d/i/DiffRay-HEAD/de.meins.pocpoc/src/Parsing/Library.py   DiffRay(Download)
from Exceptions import ParameterError, FileError
import Function

src/a/b/Abstract-Algebra-HEAD/absalg/__init__.py   Abstract-Algebra(Download)
import Set
from Set import *
import Function
from Function import *
import Group