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Base class for warnings about constructs that will change semantically
in the future.

src/o/p/OpenMDAO-Framework-HEAD/openmdao.main/src/openmdao/main/datatypes/slot.py   OpenMDAO-Framework(Download)
        if 'iotype' in metadata:
            warnings.warn(FutureWarning( \
                    "The use of 'iotype' as metadata for 'Slot' will no longer be supported.\nUse 'Instance' in place of 'Slot' if you need to use 'iotype'.\n"), stacklevel=2)
        super(Slot, self).__init__(klass, allow_none, factory, args, kw, **metadata)

src/a/r/arf-2.2.0/arf.py   arf(Download)
    elif file_version >= Version('3.0'):
        raise FutureWarning(
            "ARF library {} may be incompatible with file "
            "version {} (>= 3.0)".format(version, file_version))
    return file_version

src/a/s/astropy-0.3.1/astropy/io/votable/exceptions.py   astropy(Download)
class W24(VOWarning, FutureWarning):
    The VO catalog database retrieved from the www is designed for a
    newer version of vo.table.  This may cause problems or limited
    features performing service queries.  Consider upgrading vo.table

src/b/a/BatchQ-0.1-2-pre-alpha/batchq/core/errors.py   BatchQ(Download)
class CommunicationWarning(FutureWarning):
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(CommunicationWarning,self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
class CommunicationEOF(EOFError):