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Module for complex interaction with a GFF file.

See http://github.com/daler/GFFutils for source and documentation.

src/r/d/rdbio-scripts-HEAD/sequenceFiles/GFF-cleaner.py   rdbio-scripts(Download)
import os
import optparse
import GFFutils
usage = """
Cleans a GFF file so that it does not have "orthologous_to", "pcr_product", or

src/b/i/bio-pipeline-HEAD/gff_loader/gff_loader.py   bio-pipeline(Download)
import os.path as op
import itertools
import GFFutils
from pyfasta import Fasta

src/g/f/GFFutils_old-HEAD/test/GFFutils_test.py   GFFutils_old(Download)
import GFFutils
import os
import sqlite3
import nose.tools as nt
import difflib