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Parses the header from a keyword/variable string in various formats

2002-12-13 ROwen    Bug fix in getHubHeader: dataStart was wrong (fix by Craig Loomis).
                    Mod. getHubHeader and getMidRidHeader to use re.start instead of re.span.
2002-12-16 ROwen    Mod. to return dataStart = len(astr) if no data (instead of None);
                    renamed getStdHeader to getHubHeader and getMidRidAsStdHeader to getMidRidAsHubHeader.
2003-06-18 ROwen    Modified to test for StandardError instead of Exception
2003-10-01 ROwen    Allow cmdr to have a leading period.
2004-05-18 ROwen    Stopped importing string; it wasn't used.(more...)