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src/g/i/GinGin-1.0.1/GinGin/user.py   GinGin(Download)
    def authorize(self, act, user, task, doc_id=-1):
	import os, GinGin_db
        # When a action need to be authorized before using it,
        # it is redirected to GinGin_CGI_s.py for authory.

src/g/i/GinGin-1.0.1/GinGin/GinGin_CGI.py   GinGin(Download)
if __name__ == '__main__':
    import fcgi
    import GinGin_db
    import config

src/g/i/GinGin-1.0.1/GinGin/GinGin_acts.py   GinGin(Download)
import os
from config import *
import GinGin_db
import represent
import types