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The Grouping module contains functions that stratify and summarize records in different ways.
Grouping is a basic fraud detection method that helps generate norms and compare
records against those norms.  Further, it splits data sets into individual groups
that should be analyzed separately.

The Grouping module only stratifiess a table into many tables.  It doesn't do any summarization
of values.  All detail data are still in the tables.

The summary routines not only stratifies data on key, but also summarizes the detail
tables using sum, mean, and other statistical routines.  You get only one table returned(more...)

src/p/i/picalo-4.94/picalo/__init__.py   picalo(Download)
import Database
import Financial
import Grouping
import Trending
import Simple  

src/p/i/picalo-4.94/picalo/Benfords.py   picalo(Download)
import math, types
from lib import stats
import Grouping, Simple
from picalo import Table, TableArray, check_valid_table, run_tablearray
from Number import number