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src/h/e/hellanzb-HEAD/Hellanzb/NZBLeecher/__init__.py   hellanzb(Download)
from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.internet.tcp import Connector
from Hellanzb.Core import shutdownAndExit, finishShutdown
from Hellanzb.Log import *
from Hellanzb.Logging import NZBLeecherTicker
            # Let's not assume what the user wanted -- raise a FatalError so they can
            # fix the priority value
                            message='There was a problem with the fillserver value of server: %s:\n%s' \
                             % (serverId, str(ve)))
                error('Unable to use SSL for server: %s\npyOpenSSL is not '
                      'installed: %s' % (serverName, str(ie)))
            ctxf = ClientContextFactory()

src/h/e/hellanzb-HEAD/Hellanzb/Daemon.py   hellanzb(Download)
    except FatalError, fe:
        error('Exiting', fe)
        from Hellanzb.Core import shutdownAndExit