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src/h/e/hellanzb-HEAD/Hellanzb/NZBLeecher/NZBModel.py   hellanzb(Download)
    hellaRename, isHellaTemp, nuke, toUnicode
from Hellanzb.NZBLeecher.ArticleDecoder import parseArticleData, setRealFileName, tryAssemble
from Hellanzb.NZBLeecher.DupeHandler import handleDupeNZBFileNeedsDownload
from Hellanzb.NZBLeecher.NZBLeecherUtil import validWorkingFile
from Hellanzb.PostProcessorUtil import Archive, getParEnum, getParName
        elif self.filename is None:
            # First, check if this is one of the dupe files on disk
            isDupe, dupeNeedsDl = handleDupeNZBFileNeedsDownload(self, workingDirDupeMap)
            if isDupe:
                # NOTE: We should know this is a par, but probably don't care if it is.