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src/h/e/hellanzb-HEAD/Hellanzb/Daemon.py   hellanzb(Download)
from Hellanzb.Log import *
from Hellanzb.Logging import prettyException, LogOutputStream
from Hellanzb.NZBQueue import dequeueNZBs, recoverStateFromDisk, parseNZB, \
    scanQueueDir, writeStateXML
from Hellanzb.Util import archiveName, daemonize, ensureDirs, getMsgId, hellaRename, \
        # No need to actually 'force'
        from Hellanzb.NZBLeecher.NZBModel import NZB
        return parseNZB(NZB(nzbfilename))
    # postpone the current NZB download
        nzb.destDir = Hellanzb.WORKING_DIR
        parseNZB(nzb, 'Downloading recovery pars')
        Hellanzb.nzbQueue.insert(0, nzb)