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src/h/e/hellanzb-HEAD/Hellanzb/NZBLeecher/NZBSegmentQueue.py   hellanzb(Download)
from xml.sax.handler import feature_external_ges, feature_namespaces
from Hellanzb.Log import *
from Hellanzb.Util import EmptyForThisPool, PoolsExhausted, PriorityQueue, OutOfDiskSpace, \
    archiveName, isHellaTemp, prettySize
from Hellanzb.PostProcessorUtil import getParRecoveryName
        onDiskSegmentsCount = len(onDiskSegments)
        info('Parsed: %i files (%i posts), %s' % (nzbp.fileCount, nzbp.segmentCount,
        if onDiskFilesCount or onDiskSegmentsCount:
            filesMsg = segmentsMsg = separator = ''
                separator = ' and '
            info('Skipped (on disk): %s%s%s, %s' % (filesMsg, separator, segmentsMsg,
        # Tally what was skipped for correct percentages in the UI
        # Finally tally the size of the queue
        dlMsg = 'Queued: %s' % prettySize(self.totalQueuedBytes)
        if nzb.isParRecovery and queuedParBlocks:
            dlMsg += ' (recovering %i %s)' % (queuedParBlocks, getParRecoveryName(nzb.parType))

src/h/e/hellanzb-HEAD/Hellanzb/SmartPar.py   hellanzb(Download)
from Hellanzb.PostProcessorUtil import findPar2Groups, getParName, getParRecoveryName, \
    isPar, isPar1, isPar2, PAR1, PAR2
from Hellanzb.Util import cleanDupeName, inMainThread, isHellaTemp, prettySize, FatalError
__id__ = '$Id$'
    if actualSkippedParMB > 0:
        info('Skipped pars: %i files, %s (actual skipped: %s)' % \
             (len(nzb.skippedParFiles), prettySize(skippedParMB),
            if len(parGroups) > 1:
                groupStats = '%i files, %s, ' % (len(parFilenames),
            if len(parFilenames) == 1:
                label = parFilenames[0]

src/h/e/hellanzb-HEAD/Hellanzb/Daemon.py   hellanzb(Download)
from Hellanzb.NZBQueue import dequeueNZBs, recoverStateFromDisk, parseNZB, \
    scanQueueDir, writeStateXML
from Hellanzb.Util import archiveName, daemonize, ensureDirs, getMsgId, hellaRename, \
    isWindows, prettyElapsed, prettySize, touch, validNZB, IDPool
    speed = sessionReadBytes / 1024.0 / downloadTime
    info('Transferred %s in %s at %.1fKB/s (%s)' % \
         (prettySize(sessionReadBytes), prettyElapsed(downloadTime), speed,
    if not currentNZB.isParRecovery: