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src/h/e/hellanzb-HEAD/Hellanzb/NZBLeecher/NZBModel.py   hellanzb(Download)
        the specified type (such as 'processing', 'downloading') """
        if type == 'processing':
            recoveredDict = Hellanzb.recoveredState.getRecoveredDict(type, target)
            archiveDir = os.path.join(Hellanzb.PROCESSING_DIR, target)
            if recoveredDict and recoveredDict.get('nzbFileName') is not None:
                return Archive.fromStateXML(archiveDir, recoveredDict)
            recoveredDict = Hellanzb.recoveredState.getRecoveredDict(type,

src/h/e/hellanzb-HEAD/Hellanzb/PostProcessorUtil.py   hellanzb(Download)
        archiveDir exists there """
        if recoveredDict == None:
            recoveredDict = Hellanzb.recoveredState.getRecoveredDict('processing', archiveDir)
        if recoveredDict:
            strDict = {}