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Returns the length of the given body as integer.

        def calculateBodyLength(body):
	"""Returns the length of the given body as integer.
	body_str = ""
	for i in body:
		body_str = body_str + i
	return len(body_str)

src/s/f/sftf-HEAD/Transaction.py   sftf(Download)
			reply.body = []
		cl = Helper.createClassInstance("Contentlength")
		cl.length = Helper.calculateBodyLength(reply.body)
		reply.setHeaderValue("Content-Length", cl.create())
		if (createEvent):

src/s/f/sftf-HEAD/TestCase.py   sftf(Download)
		mes.body = body
		mes.setHeaderValue("Content-Length", str(Helper.calculateBodyLength(mes.body)) + "\r\n")
	def setOnHoldBody(self, mes=None):
			req.setHeaderValue("Content-Length", str(Helper.calculateBodyLength(req.body)) + "\r\n")
		#FIXME add all other mandatory HFs lookuped from a dict
		if createEvent:

src/s/f/sftf-HEAD/UserAgentBasicTestSuite/case903.py   sftf(Download)
				if req.hasParsedHeaderField("Content-Length"):
					rcl_h = req.getParsedHeaderValue("Content-Length").length
					rcl_c = Helper.calculateBodyLength(req.body)
					if rcl_h == rcl_c:
						self.addResult(TestCase.TC_PASSED, "Content-Lenght is present")