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        def getScreenSize():
    global screenWidth, screenHeight
    if screenWidth > 0 and screenHeight > 0:
        return (screenWidth, screenHeight)
        output = subprocess.check_output(['fbset'])
        p = re.compile('mode "(?P\d+)x(?P\d+)"')
        sw, sh = p.search(output).groups()
        screenWidth = float(sw)
        screenHeight = float(sh)
        return (screenWidth, screenHeight)
        logging.exception("Exception catched")
    return (0, 0)

src/v/i/VideoPI-HEAD/player.py   VideoPI(Download)
from Queue import Queue
from threading import Thread, RLock
from Helper import getScreenSize, newFifo
from Constants import websites
from webparser import Video
    def __init__(self, video):
        self.video = video
        screenWidth, screenHeight = getScreenSize()
        if sys.platform == 'darwin':
            self.player = MPlayerX(self.video, screenWidth, screenHeight)