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src/s/m/SmartWall-HEAD/tools/post_swallowed.py   SmartWall(Download)
rows = db.fetch_sql(sql)
total_status = [parser.unescape(r[0]) for r in rows]
Helper.log("Total %d Status in DataBase!" % len(total_status))
fetcher = WeiboBackup()
post_status = [w.decode("utf-8") for w in fetcher.backup('大学秘密')]
Helper.log("Total %d Status Posted!" % len(post_status))
diff = [w for w in total_status if w not in post_status]
Helper.log("%d Status Swallowed!" % len(diff))

src/s/m/SmartWall-HEAD/main.py   SmartWall(Download)
from Helper import log
# 获取启动参数
import sys, os
    if sys.argv[1] == 'stop':
        os.system("crontab -r")
        log("rm all the crontab")
    log("cron file has been made!")
os.system("crontab cron_file")